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Our Team


Steven CHIU

After his studies in Australia, Mr Chiu returned to his native Hong Kong to work in sales and marketing for Gerber Technologies, before founding his own internet start-up. Mr Chiu then worked for KELY Support Group as a Communications and Development Officer. He is now in charge of the development of Active Global Specialised Caregivers in Hong Kong.

Emily LAM
Operations Manager
Nursing Consultant, EN

Ms Lam graduated from Grantham Hospital of General Nursing School as an enrolled nurse. She worked in Prince Margaret Hospital Obstetrics & Gynecology department as an operation nurse. After that she worked in a nursing home for elderly as an in-charge nurse, mainly focued on handling and dispensing all medication as well as designed tailor-made care plan for clients.

Senior Operations Officer

After graduating from her education, Ms Cheung has worked as a Patient Service Officer in the healthcare industry, providing a high attention to ensure client satisfaction. Her vast experience in clinical operation is essential to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, providing high-quality services to answer the queries of clients.

Michael Cheung
Case Consultant 


Graduated in New York, Mr Cheung has solid experience in Hong Kong and New York providing thorough and skilful support in areas of administration, sales, customer service and event management. Besides, his team spirit and enthusiasm in community services enables him to provide excellent customer service with a caring and passionate heart.

Steve CHAN
Case Consultant 

After graduating from Hong Kong Baptist University, Mr. Chan worked as a Course Consultant in a global English education company, EF Education First and provided tailor-made learning plans for various clients based on their specific needs. With his years of experience in the consulting field, he is able to provide the various solutions pertinent to one’s requirements. Furthermore, with his high level of enthusiasm towards customer service, Mr. Chan is committed to solve possible difficulties and deliver a meticulous care plan for every client.

Eddie LAI
Case Consultant 

Mr. Lai studied Psychology in United Kingdom. After graduation, he worked on elderly research, and provided telephone support calls for caregivers in a local institution. Later, he worked as sales and account executive, which need to understand customer needs and present solutions professionally. He aims to integrate his knowledge and experience towards elderly and provide high-quality services to clients.




Operations Officer

Since her graduation, Ms Cheung worked across customer service for several years and she feels she would be a valuable asset to the team. She has a wealth of experience when it comes to providing first class service and resolving any queries or issues that might arise with customers.

Julia KUNG
Operations Officer

Julia received degree in Sociology from the United Kingdom and continually studying in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she is now based in Hong Kong. She has several year experience on customer service and operations, understands customer's demand and needs. She aims to gain more experience on care giving and to provide long- term service on clinical. 


Yorelle KALIKA
Founder and CEO

Ms. Kalika has 17 years of experience, as a management consultant (most recently as a Principal with The Boston Consulting Group), as a Marketeer (with Nestlé), and a Strategy Director for 24 countries at a leading B2B services company. She holds a Master’s degree from one of the top French business schools (ESCP Europe).

Timothy MA KAM WAH
Senior Advisor

Mr. Ma Kam Wah is one of the leading experts on aging in Asia. He is Ex-Elderly Commission member, and experienced social worker for Elderly. and also serving as the Convenor of Working Group on Active Ageing; and has been the only overseas Board Member of the Centre for Enabled Living in Singapore. He is also the author of articles on elderly and social enterprises in periodicals in Hong Kong, and an expertise member on the Ageing Council of the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum. Mr. Ma Kam Wah is the recipient of several awards, including: The Outstanding Social Entrepreneur (Asia 2009) of Schwab Foundation, Outstanding Social Worker (1999), Outstanding Alumni of APSS, Hong Kong Poly University (2009), as well as the Commendation Award on Community Service by Chief Executive of Hong Kong. (2000) He was further awarded with Social Innovation Leadership Award 2013 at the 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Congress held in Mumbai, India. He was recently appointed as Justice of Peace (HKSAR Govt., June 30, 2012) Mr Ma Kam Wah is based in Hong Kong.

Academic Advisor

Deputy Director of Center of Gerontology Nursing. Associate Professor, School of Nursing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Ms. Kwong’s teaching and research focus on care of elderly person and their caregivers, long-term care for older people, long-term care issues for elderly residents and elderly frailty.

David Bruce MATCHAR
Academic Advisor

Professor of Medicine at Duke University and Inaugural Director of the Program in Health Services and Systems Research at the Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School. Professor Matchar's research focuses on the development and evaluation of evidence in support of informed clinical and public health policy. In August 2009, Professor Matchar was awarded the prestigious STaR Investigator Award by the Singapore Ministry of Health's National Medical Research Council (NMRC) to establish a system modeling laboratory to evaluate clinical and public policy issues related to aging and disability in Singapore.

Angelique CHAN
Academic Advisor

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, Director, Tsao Foundation Ageing Research Initiative, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore Director (Research), Lien Centre for Palliative Care, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

Research Interest: Aging and Demography, Program impact evaluation, Health of older persons.


Mr Sermondade brings 15 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and in Management consulting. He started his career with A.T. Kearney in Paris, and then took on several strategy and operational roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb. In 2008, Mr Sermondade moved to Shanghai where he was the Senior Director for China Portfolio Development and Strategic Planning, and in 2011 he became the Business Unit head for Cardiovascular / Metabolics in China. He is currently the head of Business Development at Sanofi in China. Mr Sermondade is fluent in Madarin Chinese, and he is a graduate of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, one of France's top engineering schools.


Mrs Thankamma JOSEPH
Senior Advisor

Mrs. Joseph is a retired senior staff nurse with over 35 years of experience in nursing and midwifery. She started her nursing career in 1975 as a medical officer in the Indian Army Medical Corps with experiences in the trauma and burns units of the Command Hospital. She also served as a senior nurse in the Southern Indian Railway hospitals in Chennai and Thrissur before migrating to Singapore where she spent 20 years in the private healthcare sector as a nurse working with Mount Alvernia and Mount Elizabeth hospitals in areas such as neo-natal care, maternity and radiology. She also had stints working as a private nurse and caregiver in Singapore as well as a nurse at the St Vincent’s Mercy Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. She is now based in Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Caregiving Consultant

Mrs. Chandran holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the Calicut Medical College, Kerala, India. She has extensive experience as a staff nurse in India, and in Dubai, where she worked for 12 years in the Department of Health and Medical Services. Mrs. Chandran currently lives in Kochi, Kerala. She speaks English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Arabic.

Senior Advisor

Mr. Bastable brings a lifetime of experience in managing healthcare care institutions in the USA. He began his career as a senior executive at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of The Westerly Hospital in Rhode Island, was a Senior Vice President of a major healthcare system in New York, and most recently a senior fund raiser at the American Cancer Society. He holds an MS in chemistry and an MBA in Hospital and Health Management from the Cornell University-Sloan Program, Johnson Graduate School of Management. Mr. Bastable has held many volunteer non profit board leadership roles including over 30 years serving United Way and was also appointed by the Governor of New York State to serve on the US Selective Service Board.

Christel STUTZ

Mrs. Stutz is a registered nurse who brings 20 year of experience in geriatric nursing. Her experience spans among working as a private duty nurse (mostly caring for elderly clients), working in a nursing home dedicated to dementia patients, and working as a staff nurse in the Geriatric ward of the Saverne General Hospital (France). She has deep experience of caring for dementia patients, and was part of a pioneer team working for a dementia care center in France, before relocating to Shanghai in 2013. Mrs Stutz is originaly from France and currently lives and works in Shanghai, where she is a school nurse with the "Lycée Français".


Mr. Joseph is an experienced communicator with a focus on branding and marketing-communications in the healthcare and non-profit sectors. He had a critical role in developing the global brand of ParkwayHealth, one of the largest private hospital groups in Asia as well as running the 2013 Effie Award winning LivEnabled communications campaign for the Centre for Enabled Living, a campaign that raised awareness for disability issues in Singapore. He is a graduate of Murdoch University from Western Australia with a double major in Marketing and Media. Originally from India, he lives and works in Singapore.


Mr. Jalan worked as a Management Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group where he specialised in corporate development and strategy across a range of geographies including India and Singapore.  He now has 2 years of ongoing experience as an entrepreneur in the hospitality space in India. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of Singapore's leading universities (NTU).