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Case Study: Parkinson's Disease - Mrs. Chu (Age: 84)

Parkinson's Disease - Mrs. Chu (Age: 84)
Background & Condition
1. Parkinson’s disease. 
2. Bed-ridden, not able to take care herself.
3. Limited mobility of lower limbs.
4. Constipation.
5. Pressure sores on sacrum and hip.
6. Patient is depressed. She is not willing to talk with others.
After Home Care
1. Regular exercise to improve the mobility of joints.
2. Patient can stand up around 10 minutes with assistance.
3. Can walk to toilet herself.
4. Doing physical therapy exercise to encourage the active use of limbs. Mobility is increased.
5. Improve the constipation problem.
6. Patient becomes more optimistic and wills to communicate with others.
7. Prevent Pneumonia.
Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan
Basic Activities of Daily Life:
1. Basic Care.
2. Monitoring of conditions and vital signs. 
3. Medication Compliance.
4. Regular turning of patient’s position. 
5. Keep bedding hygiene. Keep skin dry to avoid pressure sore.
6. Regular abdomen massage to avoid constipation.
Safety Management:
1. Choose appropriate equipment for walking exercise. 
2. Keep floor clean for fall prevention.
Rehab Exercise:
1. Under caregiver’s monitoring to do physiotherapy exercise for balance and mobility improvement. Rehabilitation exercise includes balance control, stretching and muscle strengthening.
2. Massage the contracted limbs.
Psychological Aspect: 
1. Enhance the communication between patient and her family.
2. Encourage social activities with family members.
3. Communicate appropriately to avoid misunderstanding. This can also enhance the relationship between patient and the caregiver.
4. Encourage outdoor activities with caregiver (e.g. Going to parks and stores) and develop hobbies (e.g. Listening music and reading newspaper).  

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