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What is a Live-In Caregiver?

  • Our Live-In Caregivers provide one-to-one services in the form of home care for patients, the elderly, disabled, people with reduced mobility (such as those who are bedridden), to those who require long-term care, such as infants and young children.
  • Live-In Caregivers are professional nursing care staff (from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India) who comes to Hong Kong under the Foreign Domestic Helper visa (the standard contract term is for two years).
  • Emotional and social aspects of the patient's daily living care (including feeding, showering, going to the toilet, changing of diaper, support, rehabilitation training, drug management and emergency handling).
  • They mainly care for patients with impaired mobility, such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer or those who require specialised care (such as nasogastric tube feeding, urinary cathether care, tracheostomy care, stoma care) and more.
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Information on COVID-19 And Hiring of Overseas Nurses (Continuously Updated As Of May 5, 2020)

  • Employment Application:
    The Philippine government has extended the closure of the city (for the capital of Manila and epidemic-stricken areas) and most government departments have yet to officially resume work, therefore affecting hiring and application processes. In addition, departments in Hong Kong that process relevant foreign domestic worker application (such as the Immigration Department and Philippine Consulate) require appointments to be made, which will take longer than usual. As there will be an increase of applications in the short term, it is currently estimated that it will take about three and a half months or more for new hires from overseas to be processed, and more than two months for local employment. If you need to hire a Live-In Caregiver, it is recommended to apply as soon as possible. 

  • Health Training:
    After overseas caregivers’ arrival in Hong Kong, we will provide targeted health training: such as wearing of personal protective equipment, correct washing of hands, personal hygiene and information on the coronavirus.

  • Free Nursing Consultation:
    In view of the epidemic, we understand that there are many patients who require care but are worried that they may not find suitable care. We are able to provide free nursing consultation, and make the most suitable preparation for families.

  • Qualified Caregivers:
    Our overseas caregivers have been through relevant nursing training and have the necessary qualifications to provide you with safe and proper nursing care.


6 Reasons to Choose Active Global

In-House Training

1. In-House Training

  • Our Hong Kong nurses will provide tailor-made nursing training based on the patient's current condition.
  • All nursing training are provided by fully qualified Hong Kong-licensed nurses.
  • This In-House Training is already included in our service fee, no additional charges are required.
On-Site Training

2. On-Site Training

  • Our fully qualified Hong Kong-licensed nurses will visit your home to provide three hours of nursing guidance for your caregiver, according to actual nursing needs based on your home environment.
  • Provide free home nursing counselling on site to solve your family's nursing needs.
  • Ensure that your caregiver can effectively provide quality nursing services.
  • This On-Site Training is already included in our service fee, no additional charges are required.
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Free Training Class

3. Free Training Class

  • In order to ensure that our caregivers can meet the nursing needs of patients, we regularly organise free nursing training classes for all Active Global Caregivers.
  • To strengthen and enhance nursing knowledge and skills of all caregivers.
  • Nursing classes include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid training, targeted topics to teach nursing skills on common conditions (such as dementia, stroke and diabetes, etc.).
Continuous Nursing Consultation

4. Continuous Nursing Consultation

  • Our Hong Kong nurses will continue to follow up and provide nursing consultation for patients.
  • This Continuous Nursing Consultation is already included in our service fee, no additional charges are required.
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Your Protection

5. Your Protection

  • If your caregiver fails to come to Hong Kong for any reason, you will receive a "Free Replacement".
  • If your caregiver resigns due to personal reasons within one month of working, you will receive a "Free Replacement".
  • During the two-year contract period, you can enjoy a "Paid Replacement" discount.
  • Refund guarantee (60% refund amount): If there is a sudden change in patient’s health condition, you can cancel the application before the application form is submitted to the Immigration Department and receive a refund.
Our Background

6. Our Background

  • Active Global was founded and set up its headquarters in Singapore in 2012, and went on to expand into Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
  • Active Global was the first to introduce the concept of specialised home care by hiring trained overseas nurses to Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Active Global Caregivers have been widely reported by local and international media, including TVB (Sunday Report), NOW TV (Medicine Online), Radio Hong Kong, HK01, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily, South China Morning Post (SCMP), Economic Daily, Ta Kung Pao, Metro Daily, Commercial Daily, Sina, NHK WORLD JAPAN and many more.
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Hiring A Caregiver

Our overseas caregivers (caregivers, assistant nurses, nurses and senior nurses) are all professionally trained and have relevant nursing experience. Our Cursing Consultant will match the most suitable caregiver according to the patient’s nursing needs.

Upon arrival of our Caregivers to Hong Kong, our fully qualified Hong Kong-licensed nursing instructors will provide In-House Training for them in our company's training room based on the latest condition of the patient. This is to better prepare our caregivers before having them formally take care of the patient.

After the caregiver starts to take care of the patient, we will arrange for our Hong Kong-licensed nursing instructors to provide a three-hour consultation and nursing guidance (On-Site Training) based on the condition of the patient and actual home environment, to ensure that our caregiver can provide quality nursing services safely and effectively.

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Service Fee for Hiring of Overseas Live-In Caregivers

Service Fee for Hiring Overseas Live-In Caregivers

  • Monthly Salary starting from HKD5,000.
    Depending on the qualifications and experience of the caregiver.
  • One-time agency fee of HK$16,800 and HK$19,800 (depending on the nationality of the caregiver)*Under foreign domestic helper visa to work in Hong Kong.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the qualifications of our Caregivers?
    Our overseas nurses have received local professional nursing training and hold relevant certificates (including caregiving, nursing, bachelor of nursing, registered nurse and other different nursing qualifications) and at least two years or more of nursing-related work experience (including private nursing, working in hospital, home nursing experience, etc.).
  • Can overseas nursing staff take care of other family members and handle household chores?
    In addition to providing daily care (such as measuring vital signs, bathing, going to the toilet, changing diaper, feeding, medications, transferring, performing rehabilitation exercises, accompanying patients, taking care of patients/elders who go out), they can also insuline injection, perform peritoneal dialysis, nasogastric tube, and urinary cathether care.
  • Can overseas caregivers take care of other family members and handle household chores?
    Overseas Caregivers can handle simple housework for the patient (such as preparation of meals for the patient, laundry, changing of bed sheets, cleaning patient’s room, etc.). We will arrange for the caregiver to help with housework according to the degree of care required by the patient to ensure that they live in a hygienic environment.
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Real Cases

Filipino Caregiver Maria (TVB Sunday Report Interview)

“"Maria is a registered nurse from the Philippines and currently looks after a patient recovering from cancer, providing tracheostomy care, sputum suction and gastrointestinal care."”

Indian Nurse Anna (Now TV Medicine Online Interview)

“"Anna is an Indian nurse who is taking care of a patient with reduced mobility requiring nasogastric and throat feeding, and takes care of all the daily living needs of the elderly patient."”

Indian Nurse Anitha (TVB Finance Magazine TV Interview)

“"Anitha holds a bachelor's degree in nursing and is now caring for an elderly patient with dementia and stroke who has limited mobility in a Hong Kong family."”

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