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What Is The Difference

Caregiving Scope Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan™
Mostly limited to basics Caregiving scope varies

Each worker has several patients to look after
Our proprietary Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan ™ includes:
  1. Basic Activities of Daily Life
  2. Support to Specific Condition
  3. Monitoring of patient’s condition and communication with medical staff
  4. Well Being plan: Specific individual and Social activities
  5. Exercise routine (adapted to the patient’s condition)
  6. Emergency contacts
Qualification Possess Caregiver or Nursing qualification in their home countries
Lack relevant qualifications Locally qualified Nurses and Care Workers

• Our specialized caregivers are dived into 4 types (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nurse Diploma, Nurse Assistant Diploma and Caregiver Certificate) 

• Our Caregivers are trained to deal with Emergencies and to focus on the patient’s well being

Patient- Centric Training 1. In-House Training 
2.On-Site Trainnig 
(Provided by Hong Kong- licensed Nurse)
Limited (If any) Training standards vary across nursing homes
Support  Free consultation as patient's condition changes  Limited support   Nursing support available
Relief Option Temporary respite caregiver option available during days off No respite caregiver option available during days off or annual leave  Not applicable
Cost Starting at HKD 5000
Minimum wage
Relatively High

• We do NOT charge any fees to our caregivers. (not in Hong Kong, not in their country) Therefore you do not have to loan them money. As a consequence you significantly reduce your risk, as well as your upfront payment

• Maids are often charged agency fees which they have to repay. Employers are often requested to loan them money while they repay you on their salary. This can have a negative impact of their motivation

VISA Type FDH Visa FDH Visa Not applicable



  • Affordable and sustainable (HK$5,000 up per month)
  • Professional private nurse / caregiver who can provide one-on-one care directly at home
  • Stable and long-term (ideal for service period lasting for 6 months or longer)
  • Holistic Caregiving Plan specifically designed for the patients' needs
  • Live-in Caregivers are trained to deal with emergencies
  • Regular follow up by Active Global's Nursing Consultant

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