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Example Live-In Caregivers

... from a few of our Specialised Caregivers currently deployed in Hong Kong and Singapore


“I want to share my caregiver knowledge, to enable elders receive better caring service.”

Maria is a registered nurse from Philippines, before coming to Hong Kong she had worked in local hospitals, taking care of different types of ill elders. Including those who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and all sorts of post-operations caring as well as those bed-bounded or immobile patients.

She has over 10 years experiences in nursing, understands how to deal with complicated nursing procedures, like Tracheostomy Care, Suctioning, NGT feeding and wound care etc. Now she is taking care of an elder who needs these treatments.

Maria’s employer said, “She is genuine, sincerely good to my father.”



“ I understand Sir’s situation, his hot temper is caused by his disease, he needs others to support him.”

Anna is from India, she has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from home country, she has been a registered nurse in there for years. As she was working in Hong Kong, caregiving a patient with Tracheostomy needs to help with NGT feeding, Suctioning regularly, transferring for all facets in living.

Anna’s employer Mr. Thomson said, “As to our whole family, this is a huge relief for us.”

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“I have caregiving experience with different patients, careful observation has been indispensable.”

Anitha has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she had worked in India local hospitals for years and also had United Kingdom’s caregiver experience. She has rich clinical nursing experience, good at observing changes in the physical condition of the elderly, which make the family feel at ease. In the past, she has taken care of elders or patients with various needs, such as Alzheimer's disease, stroke and cancer. At present, she is now caregiving an elder with Alzheimer's disease and stroke problems in Hong Kong.

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I believe with my 10 years of nursing experience, I will be able to provide a holistic care for my patient.

Shiji has a Nursing Assistance Certification from Wesfort Hospital, where she has also worked in general ward, outpatient department, neonatal nursery, ICU (medical, neuro, cardiac), dialysis, and labour ward. She has also worked at the Vasan Eye Care Hospital before she became a live-in caregiver in Singapore. She is currently taking care of a dementia patient in Singapore.

Shiji's employer says: "We are very happy with Shiji."



“My motivation is to explore new opportunities to develop in my nursing profession.”

Mohini holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Before she came to Singapore, she mostly wored in ICU in Queen's NRI hospital of her home town of Visakhapatnam, Andra Pradesh (India). For the past 9 months, has been taking care of a bed-ridden stroke patient.

Watch a testimonial from Mohini's employer here:


“I feel satisfied as a caregiver, being able to care and provide medical attention to the best of my abilities.”

Upon graduating with a bachelor in nursing, Pranav further pursued his studies to join PGD Health Care Management in London. He worked as a staff nurse at Kedar Hopital, Ahmedabad. In 2009, he took the opportunity to be a live-in healthcare assistant in UK. Pranav is currently working as a Live-In Caregiver in Singapore.

Pranav's employer says: “Thanks to our caregiver, our father has improved remarkably over the last weeks. He is more mobile, is doing his exercises, and is even leaving the flat to go outside. Pranav has been very diligent in preparing healthy meals for him with less salt and less sugar. Our caregiver has been a great help to us.”

The doctor of Pranav's client says: "I notice that the patient has made good improvements, especially in maintaining a healthy diet which is important with his conditions."


“I want to be a caregiver because I like to communicate with elderly people and give them quality care as much as I can.”

Sudha has a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery from Salvation Army Evanenine Booth Hospital in Ahamadnagar. Before becoming a Caregiver in Singapore, Sudha was most recently working as a staff nurse in Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital in Pune, where she worked in Intensive Cardiac Care Unit, Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Neonatal ICU, Paediatric ICU, Operating Theatre, Labour Ward and Diagnostic Department. She is currently taking care of a bed-ridden patient in his home in Singapore.

Sudha's employer says: "Sudha is very conscientious."


“I always try to bring a smile to my patient. I give them a hug if they need one!”

Shiromani took an intensive course (6 months) in Caregiver Training with Advanced Training in Geriatric Care at the National Institute for Technical Education of Sri Lanka. She was able to use this training when she moved to Israel where she was a personal caregiver for more than 4 years, first with a paralysed Alzheimer’s patient and then for a disabled patient. While in Israel, she took a CPR course and passed the exam at Magen David Adom. She is currently taking care of an Alzheimer patient in her home in Singapore.

Shiromani's employer says: "Shiromani is very gentle and knows her work. She knows how to talk to our sister."


“I will never stop my profession because I love nursing.”

Joshila graduated with a diploma in general nursing and midwifery in 2006 from the Sai Katuna School of Nursing. In the more than 6 years that she has been working, she worked as a staff nurse in the Asram Hospital in Eluru, the cancer ward of the Indo-American (Private) Hospital in Hyderabad, as a staff nurse in the Luprasad Eye Hospital in Hyderabad and lately in the Primary Health Centre in Tadimalla. She is currently taking care of a patient who has several neurological conditions in his home in Singapore.

Joshila's employer says: "Joshila is very diligent on monitoring my husband's condition, our doctor is very happy that we can follow up on his condition thanks to the care plan. She takes initiative in learning more about his condition."


"I feel happiest when I give the best care to my client.”

Jil graduated first of her class with a 2-year certificate in Auxiliary Nursing from the Thrissur District Cooperative Hospital, Kerala. Her previous nursing experience includes being a senior Auxiliary Nurse in an Eye clinic, where she cared mostly for diabetic and elderly patients. Since she works as a caregiver in Singapore, Jil has been taking care of several Dementia patients.

Jil's employers says: "We were very blessed to have Jil and we all really love her. She was very responsible and took very good care of our mother."

"Jil is handling the care of my grandmother very well and is very attentive to her."

"Jil is doing a really good job, she laughs a lot, which eases tension when situation can be challenging"

Kamani G.

“I wish to share and fully utillise my experience working as a caregiver in Singapore.”

Kamani completed her Diploma in Midwifery at National Institute of Health Science, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Upon graduation, she worked as a Community Public Health Midwife in Medical Office of Health, Bulathsinhala, Sri Lanka. Before becoming a Caregiver in Singapore, Kamani worked as a Public Health at Base Hospital, Homagama, Sri Lanka. She is currently taking care of an elderly lady and her brother who both need light assistance with their activities of daily living.

Kamani’s employer says: "She is very honest and outgoing. She knows how to engage my aunt and uncle, and gets along well with them."


“I enjoy being in the nursing profession and provide a more personalised care in the comfort of patient’s home”

Vasantha graduated in 2002 from the Government School of Nursing of the Gulbarga District in India. Since then, she has been working in many different areas of nursing & midwifery, e.g. labour & delivery ward, NICU, emergency department, operating theatre, general medical & surgical nursing, intensive cardiac care. Working in Singapore is not Vasantha’s first international experience, as she has worked for almost 2 years as a resort nurse in the Maldives. She is currently looking after a stroke patient in her home in Singapore.

Vasantha's employer says: "Vasantha knows what's going on with my mother and does her job very well. She takes very good care of our mother. She is independent and needs little help from us."


“I want to serve the elderly's. At their age, they would need assistance, comfort and care. I wish to provide them with these.”

Daljeet holds a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. While she was studying for her Bachelor’s, she worked as a care assistant at Priestley Rose Nursing Home in Liverpool. She recently took care of a bed-ridden patient in his home in Singapore, and just started a new assignment.

Daljeet's previous employer says: "Daljeet was professional in executing her service as a nurse. She showed care and concern and was efficient in her duties. She is calm and displayed empathy for the patient. I highly recommend Daljeet!"

Daljeet's current employer says: "All our friends say we have made the right decision hiring a specialised caregiver. Our mother looks happy and we are happy too."

Revathi M.

“My grandmother was a diabetic and my mother took care of her with utmost love and dedication so I am motivated to dedicate my care to all my patients.”

Revathi holds a Bachelor’s in nursing from Omayal Achi college of nursing Avadi, Chennai. Before becoming a caregiver in Singapore, Revathi had 3 years of nursing experience in the neonatal ICU of G G Hospital and lately in Meenaskshy Maternity and Child Care Hospital. She is currently looking after a 14 year old girl who has a chronic condition who requires constant care.

Revathi’s employer says: "Revathi is very responsible. She is very flexible and understanding for the situation and does not mind to go the extra mile."