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Caregiver Course FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if my visa expires before the last class of the course?

You can retake the missed class(es) in the next batch for free (provided that you fully paid the course fee).

Question: What if I will be away from Hong Kong for vacation?

You can retake the missed class(es) in the next batch for free (provided that you fully paid the course fee).

Question: Is your course TESDA-accredited?

No. We are working with TESDA authority to make this course accredited. However, we do not have any definitive instruction from the relevant Authorities to say when the course will be TESDA-accredited.

Question: What if I am only off on Saturday or Sunday?

Please fill in the form, and indicate which class you are interested in, so when we start processing/enrolment for the next batch of Sunday or Saturday, you will be notified for further instruction.

Question: Do I need to wear your uniforms during the class?

No, you do not need to wear the uniforms supplied by Active Global to attend class.

Question: What if I cannot join on the first or some of the classes?

You can join the course during any session. You can retake the missed class(es) in the next batch for free (provided that you fully paid the course fee).

Question: How do I enroll?

You can come to our office at Wan Chai to enroll and pay for the course. Bring HKD $1100 and your HKID to register.

Question: If I have more questions, can I visit your centre/office on Sunday before the course starts?

There is no need to do so. Active Global's office is in Wan Chai and we are usually NOT open on Sundays and public holidays. You can email us for enquiry if your questions are not addressed in this webpage.

Question: Is there an expiration date of the certificate?


Question: Are the uniform and course materials included in the HK$2,200?

Yes! The HK$2,200 includes your uniform, training materials and all training sessions.

Question: Can I pay by installments? Do you charge extra if I pay by installments?

We DO NOT charge extra if you pay by installments. You can choose to pay by 2 installments: The first installment of HK$1,100 must be paid at our office at Wan Chai, before attending your class. The next installment of $1,100 can be paid 2 months later.

Question: I would like to get the American Caregiver Association (ACA) Certificate, how much do I have to pay for it?

The ACA Certificate will cost HK$550, on top of the course fee that you will be paying. However, it is optional to get the ACA certificate.

Question: When must I pay the HK$550 for the ACA Certificate?

You can pay for the ACA Certificate when you pay for the first installment.

Question: Would I be able to work in US/UK after I get this certificate? 

We do not guarantee that you will be able to work in US or UK, but the certificate will help you in your application. Whether you can work in US or UK, will still depend on your own experience and qualification, as required by the employer.

Question: Are there any requirements to graduate?

You will need to attend the CPR lesson and pass the examination.

Question: Can you provide me with discount?

No, we do not provide any discount. However, with HK$2,200, you will be entitled to attend 16 class sessions. Hence, each class session averages out to be HK$137.50 only.

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