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Palliative Care

Palliative care does not only mean end-of-life or hospice care. It is an extra layer of support given at every step of the treatment process and at all stages of illness. Palliative care focuses on reducing a patient’s symptoms, relieve from pain and improving quality of life, and supporting patients and their families.

Service Recipients

  • Cardiovascular diseases patients
  • Cancer patients
  • Chronic respiratory patients
  • AIDS patients
  • Heart / Renal / Kidney failure patients
Service​ Scope

  • Symptom management (loss of appetite, weakness, difficulty breathing)
  • Pain management (massage therapy, relaxation exercise)
  • Social and emotional support
  • Activity of Daily Living (toileting, bathing, ambulating, feeding)
  • Transferring patients
  • Medication compliance
  • Enhance quality of life of patients and family through providing counselling, relaxation techniques, supporting patients with meaningful activities etc.
Caregiving Solution
Respite Health Workers / Nurses

Active Global offers services of Personal Care Workers, Health Workers, Enrolled Nurses or Registered Nurses. Our services are delivered to the patient’s home and personalized to the medical conditions and the level of care required.

  • Professional private nurse who can provide one-on-one care directly at home
  • Fast deployment (respite staff can be deployed within 1 – 2 working days)
  • Flexible service hours (respite nursing service can be 1 – 12 hours per day)
  • Flexible service period (ideal for short to medium term care)
Overseas Qualified Nurse as Live-in Caregiver

The best long-term solution is to hire an experienced overseas nurse or nursing aide to take care of the patient at home.

Active Global’s Nursing Consultant will first conduct patient assessment and understand the patient's caregiving needs. We will then short-list 4-5 suitable profiles for the patient. 

  • Affordable and sustainable (Minimum of HK$5,000 per month)
  • Professional private nurse / caregiver who can provide one-on-one care directly at home
  • Stable and long-term (ideal for service period lasting for 6 months or longer)
  • Holistic Caregiving Plan specifically designed for the patients’ needs
  • Live-in Caregivers are trained to deal with emergencies
  • Regular follow up by Active Global’s Nursing Consultant



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