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What is the Qualification of your Caregivers?
  • Our Specialised Caregivers possess qualification of Diploma or Bachelor Degree, Nurse Assistants, and Nursing Aids
  • Most of our Caregiver have hospital and/or live-in caregiver experience. This is very important, as most of our clients require complex care and strong coordination with the medical team.
  • We always make sure to match the level of qualification and experience of the Caregiver with the complexity of the case.
How do you screen and select your caregivers?
  • Our recruiting team is supervised by our senior nurses. They carefully pre-select candidates based on education and experience. All short-listed candidates are thoroughly interviewed. Their technical skills, but also their service orientation, caring attitude and motivation are assessed. Degrees, background, references and identity are checked
  • Unlike all other recruiting agencies, OUR CAREGIVERS DO NOT HAVE TO PAY (either us or any middleman) TO GET THIS JOB. This means that we have no bias in recruiting, our sole criterias are skills and motivation, not 'who can pay to come'.
  • This has not only a positive impact on the average level of our Caregivers, but also on their motivation, which is consistently very high.
Where are your Caregivers from?
  • We currently recruit foreign trained nurses from Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.
  • Our recruits speak fluent English
  • We extensively test the nursing skills of our recruits throughout our recruiting processes.
Can the Active Global Caregiver also take care of the house chores / of the other family members?
  • Our Caregivers are nursing/caregiving professionals who solely focus on their patient. Providing good specialised care is a full time commitment and therefore our Caregivers are unable to take care of Other family members' Major household 
  • However they will support the patient with their specific household tasks, including preparing their meals, doing their laundry, changing their bed sheets, making sure the patient is in a clean environment (cleaning their room and bathroom) etc. 
  • Specific cases (e.g 2 patients in the same household), should be discussed individually with our Case Consultant. 
Can I ask for a male Caregiver?
  • Yes
Can my Specialised Caregiver give invasive medical care?
  • No. Only nurses registered with the Hong Kong Nursing Council are allowed to practice nursing in Hong Kong. We train our caregivers to strictly comply with the law and to refuse to provide any unlawful care. 
What happens if I am not happy with my Active Global Caregiver?
  • Due to our extensive experience in selecting and matching the right caregiver with the right patient, and to our pro-active problem solving approach (we call you and the caregiver regularly to address any problem), it is quite rare that clients wish to change their caregiver.  
  • If such case arises, and after investigating and trying to solve the issue with your current caregiver, we would support the identification of a new Caregiver, but there could be associated costs which we would charge again to you (insurance, visa fees, settling in programs, medical check-up), on top of an administrative fee.
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