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Case Study: Heart Disease - Mr. Tam (Age: 90)

Heart Disease - Mr. Tam (Age: 90)


Background & Condition

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH), Asthma, Heart Disease, Hernia, Constipation, Dysuria, Groin pain.


After Home Care

Able to urinate normally. Healed Hernia reliefs the pain of abdomen. Enhanced the knowledge of Hernia. Vital sign is stable. No more asthma attack.                 


Active Global Holistic Caregiving Plan                          

Basic Activities of Daily Life:

Basic Care.

Monitoring of conditions and vital signs.

Medication Compliance.

Regular turning of patient’s position.

Keep bedding hygiene. Keep skin dry to avoid pressure sore.

Keep floor clear for fall prevention.

Keep regular bowel movement.


Psychological Aspect:

Respect and protect the privacy of patient.

Understand patient’s need.

Encourage patient. Teach him knowledge about his disease.

Put the diapers on the bed for preventing the incontinence that may affect his emotion and the quality of sleeping.

Do not change his habits and hobbies suddenly.


Rehab Exercise:

Physical therapy exercise encourages the active use of limbs.

Encourage muscular exercise to increase the strength of muscle.


Support to Specific Condition:

For the BPH care: Observe and record the urine when there is any abnormal condition.

For the Hernia care: Observe abnormal condition such as continuous pain, nausea, vomit and find if any mass in groin etc. Avoid coughing, sneezing and constipation what increase the pressure of abdomen.


Well Being Plan:

Encourage daily exercises with our caregiver.

Encourage social activities with family members.

Caregiver concludes and records the care plan monthly.


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