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How to choose?

  • Physio Therapist (PT)
    Physiotherapist can evaluate the patient’s physical condition and conduct targeted rehabilitation treatment, including physiotherapy, pain management treatment, and exercise plan to help restore the patient's mobility and function. Take a stroke patient as an example: a Physiotherapist will be able to take an assessment of the patient's limbs' movement and strength. Then they can design a treatment plan to help and improve the patient's ability to move, stand, and walk.
  • Physio Therapist Assistant (PTA)
    Physiotherapy Assistants will provide rehabilitation training for the patients based on the treatment plan established by the Physiotherapist upon the assessment. Physiotherapy Assistants can perform rehabilitation exercises and tasks assigned by the Physiotherapists.
  • Occupational Therapist (OT)
    Occupational Therapist can come and evaluation and provide training for a patient to restore their fine motor skills to perform daily activities. Examples include personal hygiene, how to wear clothes. One of the function of the Occupational Therapist for a home setting is to perform a home assessment, to consider your home's condition and environment for any equipment to be installed. This can help improve the safety of your home and maintain independence of the patient. Occupational Therapist can also do center based assessment and treatment.
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA)
    Occupational Therapy Assistants will assist patients in rehabilitation training and recreational activities according with the plans designed by the Occupational Therapist after the initial assessment. Occupational Therapy Assistants will be able to improve a patient's fine motor skills, promote their independence and quality of life.
  • Speech Therapist (ST)
    Due to chronic illnesses, oral muscle degradation does not only affect eating, but also causing slurred speech, which in turn affects social interaction. Speech Therapist will firm perform an assessment to determine the patient's tongue strength, communication, and swallowing ability and formulate treatment plans for rehabilitation training. The treatment will promote and improve a patient's language ability such as pronunciation and fluency of speech. It will also improve the patient swallowing ability if they are suffering from any swallowing disorders and have difficulties eating.
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