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Elderly-care home faces heat over residents’ right to privacy

Submitted on May 28, 2015 • By admin
"What would happen to the elderly residents if the elder-care home licenses are revoked?" I believe the SWD is well aware of this ominous implication behind this question. The real problems are really just land and the lack of professionals. I suspect almost half of the HK$9,000 monthly bed fee goes to paying the rent and staff, which is going nowhere but up. Subsidising the elderly-care homes by using taxpayers' money hasn't been solving the issue either. As elder-care homes' ability to pay rent increases, so do the rents and staff cost. 4 out of 10 elder-care homes' front-line staff only received 40 hours of training. This begs the question of front-line workers' practical and mental ability to serve in the caregiving industry, which requires a lot of patience. We believe the true solution lies in professionalising the home-care industry (not care home), by tapping into the surplus of overseas nurses and trained professional caregivers to take care of the elderly at their own ho...
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