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Active Global Caregiver Marissa Featured on HK01 (香港01)

Submitted on May 28, 2019 • By steven
Active Global's Caregiver Marissa was featured on Hong Kong 01. Her employer -- Ted, a stroke patient, used to feel useless as he was unable to move around independently. After Marissa came, she helped and encorouged him to walk and be more independent, and Ted is forever thankful for Marissa's support on his journey to recovery. Date: 25 May 2019 Full text below:  《淪落人》中Evelyn與黃秋生飾演的昌榮剛見面,昌榮早就打定輸數,早預料Evelyn很快便會辭職離去,更明言:「我請過好多工人,好清楚你們的技倆。」現實中的中風患者阿Ted,回心微笑,笑說起初因為社會刻板印象,也認定「聽好多人講,外傭唔係好人嚟。」 然而,當中風後左邊身體不靈,與輪椅為伴,眼前只有兩條路,要不長居院舍,又或聘請外傭照顧。阿Ted選擇後者。   家人決定聘請海外護理員照顧Ted。海外護理員雖以外傭工作簽證來港,但他們曾...
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