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Graduates from Caregiver Course interviewed by Oriental Daily

Submitted on Jul 18, 2018 • By admin
On 24 June 2018, some of our graduates from the 6th batch of Active Global's Caregiving course were interviewed by Oriental Daily.    Active Global Specialised Caregivers Pte Ltd held a graduation ceremony for 216 graduates from the Caregiving Course on 24 June 2018. One of our graduates include Anton, mentioned that the topics covered in the Caregiving course, such as transferring an elderly from bed to whelechair, has allowed her to show higher quality of care for her 76-year-old employer. One of our student, GIrly, also mentioned how she is able to adminster insulin with the proper technique after attending the Caregiving course.    We are proud to have our students increase their skilsets and knowledge in caregiving!   Link: