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Real case - Mr. & Mrs. Tsang of Community Care Service Voucher

Submitted on Dec 11, 2020 • By Emily
We here at Active Global Specialised Caregivers has been providing quality, professional care services for families with elderlies in Hong Kong. In March 2020, we have become one of the Recoginsed Service Providers for the Social Welfare Department's Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly. We have been able to provide many different types of care services for over 100 voucher holders.
In this video, we will share the story of the carer (Mrs. Tsang) and the patient, a Community Care Service Voucher holder using our services (Mr. Tsang, Parkinson's Disease patient). Mrs. Tsang has always hoped to take Mr. Tsang back home to take care of him, but she will have no choice but to do it alone. How can our flexible home based model use of the Community Care Service Voucher benefit them?
What is the Community Care Service Voucher?
In September 2013, the Social Welfare Department launched the "Community Care Service Voucher Pilot Scheme for the Elderly", adopting the model of "Money Follows People", allowing eligible elderly person to use the Community Care Service Voucher to choose appropriated care services based on their own personal needs.